Tinder, EHarmony, Match.com… the old fashion way!

The Follow Up 5 years later #betterlatethannever?

clay and The Potter

The blind outing
Not going to call this a date because it’s not slated as one. It’s just going out with a friend of an acquaintance from back home. This acquaintance found out I have moved to Las Vegas where one of his frat brothers now lives. So he, thinking we are both cool peeps, gave me his bruhs number thinking we should definitely meet since we both live in the same place now -extremely far from home which happens to be the same place. I texted when I got back; he called; we chatted briefly. Weird well I suppose the word is…
Ironic how you can grow up 15 minutes from a person just to meet them when you move 1747 miles away from home. The Earth is 7,926.41 mi. at the equator – 7,901 from pole to pole. Yet the older I get the smaller it becomes. With…

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